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Sanzonate Aqueous Ozone on Demand

Sanzonate Global Inc.

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Sanzonate® Global Inc.

Founded in 2019, the company was initially organized as BioSafe Distributors, LLC.  Since then, it has grown from a small, four-person endeavor to a multinational enterprise headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.  Sanzonate Global, Inc was formed to develop and acquire the best aqueous ozone products throughout the globe to serve our customers across all organizations.

SANZONATE GLOBAL INC. is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Aqueous Ozone products that effectively destroy germs, bacteria, viruses, and contaminates globally without the use of chemicals. Sanzonate Global, Inc. provides green and sustainable products that do not destroy the planet.

Aqueous ozone is a way to produce cleaning and or sanitizing solutions on site and on demand, rather than going the traditional route of ordering chemicals, and a more progressive way to remove chemicals and dyes from the cleaning and infection control products. Aqueous ozone is more effective at destroying viruses and bacteria than any bleach or chlorine source, and has been used in commercial water treatment for the past 100 years.

Today, most facilities worldwide want to be green, sustainable and less toxic by benefiting from an on-site generating aqueous ozone cleaning solution by reducing its chemical costs dramatically. Aqueous ozone technology puts our customers in control of their environment.

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What We Do

Aqueous Ozone technology, with all of its features and benefits, has application across a wide spectrum of industries and vertical markets. If it needs to be safely and effectively sanitized, cleaned and deodorized, Aqueous Ozone products from Sanzonate has the solution. From schools to healthcare and hospitality to restaurants, Sanzonate delivers sustainable Aqueous Ozone On-demand with businesses and the people they serve in mind.

And, did we mention we also developed all of our products with the environment and sustainability at our very core!

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